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1953 Award for Best Documentary, by Malayan Film Unit, for “Hassan’s Homecoming”.
2001 'Jasawan Agung Minang' (Meritorious Minang Award), by Persatuan Minangkabau Singapura / Singapore Minangkabau Association (SMA).
  COMPASS Meritorious Award, by Composers and Authors Society of Singapore (COMPASS).

In the News

1995 Sudah pandai petik baru boleh gesek biola
(Berita Harian, 10 Aug 1995, Hanim Mohd Saleh) jpg, 660kb
1997 Lagunya jadi rebutan tapi namanya dilupakan
(Berita Minggu, 2 Mar 1997, Hanim Mohd Saleh) jpg, 660kb
1998 Kenali tokoh di balik lagu Melayu lama
(Berita Minggu, 5 Aug 1998) jpg, 150kb
2000 ‘Gurindam Jiwa’ pengubat rindu
(Berita Minggu, 24 Dec 2000, Muhammad Bajuri) jpg, 120kb
2001 Penggubah ‘Gurindam Jiwa’ diiktiraf jua
(Berita Harian, 14 Apr 2001) jpg, 250kb
  Face to face with Bapak Wandly Yazid
(Clef – Quarterly Oublication of COMPASS, June 2001) pdf, 570kb
  Lagu ‘Gurindam Jiwa’ harumkan nama Wandy
(Berita Harian, 8 Sep 2001 – ‘Tokoh Muzik’, Kamali Hudi) jpg, 230kb
  Biola harumkan nama Pak Wandly
(Berita Harian, 15 Sep 2001 – ‘Tokoh Muzik’, Kamali Hudi) jpg, 180kb
  Hayati ‘Gurindam Jiwa’
(Berita Harian, 17 Nov 2001 – ‘Muzik’, Kamali Hudi) jpg, 170kb
  Konsert untuk kenang jasa penggubah lagu tanah air
(Berita Harian, 4 Dec 2001, Hanim Mohd Saleh) jpg, 320kb
2002 Simfoni nostalgia lagu, filem Melayu
(Berita Minggu, 17 Nov 2002 – ‘Citra’, Hanim Mohd Saleh) jpg, 410kb
  Simfoni angkat darjat lagu Melayu
(Berita Harian, 25 Dec 2002, Hanim Mohd Saleh) jpg, 660kb
2006 Gurindam Jiwa Wandly Yazid
(Berita Harian, Malaysia, 6 Jan 2006 – ‘Nostalgia’, Zainuri Misfar) jpg, 530kb


2002 One of the legendary composers featured in '7 Tokoh Muzik Melayu' (7 Magnificent Composers), jointly published by PERKAMUS, Persatuan Seruan Islam Singapura (Jamiyah), National Arts Council (NAC) and Composers and Authors Society of Singapore (COMPASS). A documentation of 99 songs, from Malay film classics, composed by Zubir Said, Osman Ahmad, Yusuf B, Ahmad Jaafar, Wandly Yazid, P Ramlee and Kassim Masdor.
2005 One of the composers mentioned in 'Dendang Temasek' (Rhythms of Temasek), book with CD-ROM, published by Singapore Malay Singers and Musicians Association (PERKAMUS). A compilation of essays on traditional Malay music composed and arranged by veterans like Ahmad Jaafar, Zubir Said, Osman Ahmad, Yusuf B, Wandly Yazid, P Ramlee and Kassim Masdor.


2003 'Simfoni Layar Perak', a concert produced by MediaCorp Studios’ Eaglevision, supported by Media Development Authority (MDA), was held at the Esplanade, Singapore. A tribute to the golden years of Malay film and music from the 1940s to 1960s, featuring works of renowned composers and music arrangers like Yusuf B, Zubir Said, Wandly Yazid, Othman Ahmad, P Ramlee and S Sudarmaji, with songs performed by a life orchestra.
  'Gemilang Filem Melayu', a TV programme produced by Imbas Cemara Sdn Bhd, was launced in April on Malaysia ’s Astro Ria channel. Documented the history of Malay fim and music from its beginnings at Jalan Ampas, Singapore. Featured works by producers, artistes and music composers like Zubir Said, Osman Ahmad, Yusof B, Wandly Yazid.
2006 'Persembahan Muzik 7 Lagenda' (Remembering the 7 Magnificent Malay Composers), a performance by Pentatronics, a 4-piece group led by vocalist Rudy Djoharnaen, organised by National Library Board, held at Library@Espalanade Singapore. Songs from the 7 legendary composers Zubir Said, Osman Ahmad, Yusuff B, Ahmad Jaafar, Wandly Yazid, P Ramlee and Kassim Masdor. Based on the book 'The 7 Magnificent Composers', published by PERKAMUS.









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